side hustle

Self Hosting Gitea

Awhile back, I made the decision to self-host my code on gitea using a digital ocean droplet. Gitea is a self-hosted, lightweight git service that if you utilize, you can have a lot of the premium features of Github for a fraction of the price. I use Digital Ocean, with their famous $5/month pricing for relatively minimal servers. With the small resource requirements of Gitea, written in Go, the $5/month server is a perfectly adequate solution to get started.

Why Flutter: What I've Been Working On

Over the last few months, I have been working on a side project that I intend to launch this coming fall. I’ve been working on a mobile app that will provide users with a new form of social networking. The choice I had to make was whether or not I should use a cross-platform framework. 3 choices stood out to me, React Native, Flutter, and Nativescript. All of these choices have their pros and cons, but what I eventually chose was Flutter.