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Sniff AI Test Creation: Adding Test Models

With the admin views in place, and the placeholder admin view showing, I need models so that I can begin building out the CRUD views. My models are going to be simple to start, because it’s more important to get working than to be perfect. You should strive to be better along the way, and cover your code with tests, but I want to get going and start building out the test creation tools.

Sniff AI Test Creation: Creating the Admin Layout

Now that we have our login flow ready, we are prime to create the layout for the application page. The layout will give us admin specific navigation and flow. What I’ve envisioned for this, is a left-rail menu that contains the admin options, and a main content space that will display whatever we are working on. For this first pass, this will be test creation. So, getting started on the admin flow, we need to check into some documentation on layouts and rendering.

Sniff AI Test Creation: Testing Login Flow

Today I’m testing the login flow manually of my application. This means that I’ll try to navigate in the browser to my admin/index page and see if I can trigger the login redirect. If I can, and it doesn’t redirect the way that I expect, then we have a problem Houston. I tested it, and here’s what happened: 15:09:37 web.1 | Started POST "/login" for ::1 at 2024-05-21 15:09:37 -0400 15:09:37 web.

Sniff AI Test Creation: Admin Area Scoped Access

Last time, we worked on getting the login redirect to work. I for some reason wrote at the end of my last post that all was not right with the world and I needed to fix some additional bugs. Turns out, not the case. Get to my computer, run the tests, and what happens? Everything works perfectly. So, onto the next thing. Why am I scoping the admin area? Sniff.AI will host tests, and from those hosted tests will deploy AI detection tools on the tests themselves to really drive the product.

My First Open Source Contribution

It’s been awhile since my last post, and I’m sorry for that. I’m sure all of my readers have been greatly disappointed in the last few months. In the meantime though I was able to accomplish one of the goals I’ve had since first becoming a Software Engineer! I made my first open source contribution. It wasn’t much and it’s not something I think people would traditionally write about, but I enjoyed it and got a lot out of it.