Some Julia Tidbits from FIT.jl: Enums, and my FIT.jl progress update.

Some things that I learned about from my most recent session: Julia Enums Julia has an @enum macro that allows one to define an enum type. Working at Amazon, I’ve had to deal a lot with Enums as an easy way to represent categories of things. Especially in the Java world. Having come from Python though, I didn’t use the concept of enums very much. Here are Julia’s excellent docs for enums: https://docs.

Hacky way to get bit at index: Julia

This is quite hacky, but it definitely unblocked me while working on FIT.jl. In Garmin FIT files, each record has a byte header used to identify the message type. At position 6 in the byte header, we find the bit used to identify whether a message is a data message or a definition. I know there are ways to isolate this bit using bitwise operators, but I settled on the below approach (knowing that this software at the moment is purely for myself).

What's Next: FIT.jl and Running Data Analysis

What I’ve been working on I’ve been working lately on a new Flutter app for mom-and-pop fast casual restaurants. The idea was brought to me when I was too early for a Bible study in the morning and the manager spoke with me about his app idea. Once he found out I was a software engineer, he could not resist the temptation to tell me about his app idea, but he’s only human!

Getting Into Day Trading: Simple Moving Average

We’ve all heard the get rich quick schemes right? That someone somewhere has some plan to game the stock market to make billions of dollars and you’ll never have to work again if you have followed their plan. This may not be one of those schemes (full disclosure), but I am a current “day trader.” My portfolio kinda sucks. If I’m being honest, that is because I never ever watch it.