Using UseEffect with Firebase Realtime Database

In my current project I’m working on, I’m building up a React application. This app will replace an existing desktop, Windows-only Python 2 app that a client has had for around 8 years. The client uses Firebase Realtime database for their existing data, and rather than try to solve their data problems, I’ll fit this data into the application using useEffect and the Firebase SDK: Modern React + Hooks It’s been many years since I’ve written a React application, and since then Hooks have taken over by storm.

Quick Tips: Javascript Password Verification

I just had to write client-side password verification for work at Verodin, and it was kinda fun to do. I’ll talk through my approach, and hopefully someone down the road searching for front-end tips desperately finds this post like a light at the end of a tunnel. The main idea is to bind to event listeners on the form inputs we care about, so that we can receive those events with our password checking functions.