Ally Invest API Wrapper

Why an API Wrapper? The work may not be very glorious, but I feel like an API wrapper is a great way to really get in touch with a language and to see what common patterns in that language look like. When writing an API wrapper, you tend to repeat certain lines of code over and over again. When repeating these lines of code, ways of abstracting out common patterns start to emerge and you learn to write more efficient code in the language as you go.

Learning Go: Pointer Receivers

I gotta get Go-ing with this language Being in the position I am, I’ve worked with almost nothing but exclusively interpreted languages, namely Ruby and Python. Both of these are great tools to have to solve problems and to solve them quickly. It is easy to pick up an idea and get a prototype going in Python or Ruby due to not having to run any compilation, code changes can be tested instantly often by just rerunning the interpreter.