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Getting Into Day Trading: Analyzing The Moving Average

I know that I have this bit of data for the WLTW symbol, and what would be helpful is to see that data completely plotted in all of it’s glory. Let’s take a look at the closing costs (y) plotted against the date (x). This is a good start, but how good are the SMA’s at tracking this close cost? Let’s first write a little Python that will grab the SMA for a given window, and the end of the window it was calculated for the X-axis.

Getting Into Day Trading: Simple Moving Average

We’ve all heard the get rich quick schemes right? That someone somewhere has some plan to game the stock market to make billions of dollars and you’ll never have to work again if you have followed their plan. This may not be one of those schemes (full disclosure), but I am a current “day trader.” My portfolio kinda sucks. If I’m being honest, that is because I never ever watch it.