Quarantine Thoughts

The perspective that one gains from being locked inside is valuable. Things that seemed to be so necessary to my existence and my happiness just aren’t. I don’t need to frequent restaurants. I don’t need the newest things, gadgets, and goodies. I don’t have to go spend money on lavish outings in order to enjoy myself. All I need, all I will ever need from this moment onward, is nature, good company, and my work. I’ve immersed myself in my craft, my house, all of my daily tasks. Doing so was not possible with the full schedule of the pre-Corona era, a time long-gone. Now, I am fully absorbed. After work used to be a time of zoning out, firing up the television, eating empty carbs and calories. Now? A 5 mile run through the ghost town that is Johnson City is my beer, reading through books on technology I want to learn is my ice cream, and keeping a general sense of order in my life has brought me such joy.

This pandemic has wrought such havoc on the world, and I am deeply saddened by all those who have been hurt by it. Especially those that lost their lives. However, I am hoping that those of us who emerge on the other side emerge as better human beings. Losing access to the consumerism and vice that grips our culture might just drive people together, and help them be more empathetic to their neighbor. I know I have changed for the better, and I am ready to be a contributing member of the human race once we are allowed to gather again. Stay strong, stay healthy, and use this time to reflect. You will be happy that you did.


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