It has been a very long time since I have posted anything to this blog, and a lot has happened in my life. I’ve developed certain priorities and definitely come to realize what is important to me as a person. Science Hill High School, a local high school in Johnson City, TN where I live has hired me as the head lacrosse coach. Coaching has become very important to me. The development of young people into competent and capable adults is something that I would love to build my life around. Consequently, I will be doing just that. My wife is pregnant with our first child and I can feel everything changing around me.

No longer do I need to search for the motivation to do things that will be beneficial. The motivation comes naturally, thinking that the beneficial activity is no longer for just me, but for someone else. An example would be exercise. We all know that exercise is hard to self-motivate for. You usually do not want to go and can feel a LOT of resistance in just putting on your running shoes. Now, with the impending birthdate of my first child looming the resistance is gone. What has replaced it is a robot-like execution of the positive action in order to provide a better future for my child. Exercise will make me happier, healthier, and keep me around longer. All of these things are shown to benefit kids.

I find myself actually taking up hobbies too, with my new interest being vegetable gardening. Our setup is pretty sweet, with a shelf of grow lights inside the house starting a bunch of seedlings and an ever growing plot of land outside to cultivate. The vegetable gardening has a few benefits, some obvious some not. I want to teach our child the art of self-reliance, and gift upon them a skill that can pay dividends for a lifetime. I also want to ensure that I have a hobby away from screens that keeps me well-rested and happy in order to be more effective while on screens. A noble cause I know, but the screens can definitely have detrimental effects on our lives and mental health.

Work has been sitting differently with me as well, and I have been striving to be the most effective that I have been in my whole life. I have started to get up earlier, and take on challenging work with a great promise of future success. Not only do I maintain gainful full-time employment, but I also have local clients that I am building software for. This is a lot of work to take on all at once but I’ve never been happier. Again, the draw of knowing that you are providing for something else is a huge one. This draw is entirely new to me.

I am very excited to become a father and I am very excited for all that that entails. Today’s world isn’t crazy about having children, but I consider the very act of having children to be one of wonder. The creation of a new life, and watching that new life form opinions of the world and master its environment is such an incredibly fulfilling concept to me.

I can’t wait to meet you, in January next year :)


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