App Release

I am writing this post to announce that I have released my first application to the app store, MyMeditationHelper, written using Flutter and Dart. I wrote this application while sitting at the dining room table at my in-laws house, just looking for something to do, and it grew into something that I felt I could actually release. The application is simple, with some basic features.

A meditation timer

This is a screen with a timer that runs in the background, showing how much time has elapsed since you started the timer.

A calendar view

Allowing you to click on any given day on the calendar to see your logged meditation sessions.

A daily session view

Allowing you to see the logged meditation sessions for one day.

Why did I charge for this application?

Because I would like to create things, and I would like to eventually support myself purely on creating things. I also believe in never showing advertisements and promise to keep the application that way.


  1. Show which days on the calendar have logged meditation sessions
  2. Allow users to take notes on a meditation session.
  3. Improve the look and feel of the meditation timer.
  4. Anything that users bring up.


I run WindleWare! Feel free to reach out!

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