These are my different projects I’ve built and most are hosted at https://git.jakewindle.com. They encompass many different areas and many different technology stacks.

1. Terms Of Service Game

Technologies: JS, Vue.js

A small game built using Vue.js intended to help consumers learn to read through license agreements and find things they may not think are valid.

2. HB

Technologies: C

A command that allows you to manage your /etc/hosts file from the command line. I built this wanting a way to quickly blackhole hosts that I thought were harmful to my productivity. In addition to plain file I/O you can run this program in daemon mode where it wakes up, reads a config, and makes any necessary edits to the hosts file.

3. ES Experiment

Technologies: Julia, Jupyter

This experiment, written in Julia, explores the application of evolutionary strategy algorithms to meal planning. I use an algorithm lifted from the Essentials of Metaheuristics textbook written by Sean Luke to see if it can be applied to the search space of meal planning.

4. Node HTTP Proxy

Technologies: Node.js, SQLite

An HTTP proxy which I wrote while still at Verodin, Inc. looking to better understand the mechanics of proxies and to up my skills in JS.